What to Expect on the Big Island in 2024

What to expect in 2024? We give you the insider scoop as long time residents who keep a thumb on the pulse of West Hawaii and interview small business owners, get community feedback through our blogs and videos and also reading reports for real estate, tourism, land use and more!
A constant in life is change, and we have seen plenty of it over the past few years here in Kailua Kona. Things that happen like the Lahaina wildfire, are events no one can plan for, and yet, they impact our island in unforeseen ways. We share what we think will shape the island in the next year. Share your thoughts in the comments!

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Tourism prediction
Hawaii Island: Had 133,081 visitors, a 6% decrease from October 2022, with spending of $246.1 million, an 8% increase from the prior year . The boomerang effect of tourism as we have been in the holidays, shows that people unable to go to Maui, look to have discovered Hawaii Island, as evidenced from what we are seeing on the beaches, in the parks and on the roads.

Hawaii Housing Market
Housing demand is too high for supply
2024 will bring lower rates, but not too low and development is spotty.
However, the County has put 17 million to build attainable and work force housing in a variety of places around the island.
There is a new development near the Civic Center that is ear marked for affordable housing.
245 acres was just donated by Mark Benoiff and will be used to build high density homes, single family homes, and Build Your own in terms of large scale development, Waikoloa Village is the future of new housing communities.

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