Tips for Registering your Car on the Big Island

How do you register your car in Hawaii? This is a question that we get frequently!  Eric offers up a few thoughts on how to make what should be an easy process, but it’s not, smoother.

What are the basics of registering your car in Hawaii? 

As a new resident of Hawaii, to complete your registration you must provide the following:
  1. Complete an application for registration of motor vehicle.
  2. Recent out-of-state certificate of vehicle registration.
  3. Out-of-state title.
  4. Bill of landing or shipping receipt.
  5. Certificate of safety inspection

How much does it cost to register your car? 

Fees: All vehicles are subject to an annual tax computed according to the net weight of each vehicle. Vehicles must be registered in the county in which the vehicle is physically located.

Vehicle Disposal Fee $12.00
Beautification Fee $1.00
Emblem Renewal $.50
State Weight Tax Vehicles up to 4,000 pounds are 1.75 cents per pound.
Vehicles 4,001 pounds to 7,000 pounds are 2 cents per pound.
Vehicles 7,001 pounds up to 10,000 pounds are 2.25 cents per pound.
Vehicles over 10,001 pounds are a flat rate of $300.
State Fee $45.00
County Weight Tax All passenger vehicles are 1.25 cents per pound for all weights (minimum $12.00).
Passenger trucks up to and including 6,500 pounds are 1.25 cents per pound (minimum $12.00).
Freight vehicles and all trucks over 6,500 pounds are 2.5 cents per pound.
County Fee $12.00
Transfer Fee $5.00 – the annual fee must also be included if the vehicle has not been licensed for the current year of within 45 days of the vehicle’s staggered expiration month.
Duplicate Title $5.00
Duplicate Registration $5.00
Emblem Replacement $ .50
Plate Replacement $5.00
Out-of-State Vehicles All vehicles must be registered within 30 days of arrival into Hawaii. The following is required:

  1. Title (if no lienholder) and current registration.
  2. Bill of Lading.
  3. Hawaii safety inspection certificate (Hawaii motor vehicle insurance identification card required when motor vehicle is safety inspected).

If you do not have the weight of your vehicle on title:

From one of our viewers: You will need to get your car weighed at a state certified scale if it isn’t on your title. West Hawaii Concrete in Kona will do it for you. They said it was $53.00 and you don’t need to make an appointment. Big Island Scrap Metal will do it for $40, cash only, no appointment necessary.

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