Real Talk About Living Successfully on Hawaii Island

by Julie Ziemelis | September 10, 2021 | Hawaii Island, Kailua Kona, Moving to Hawaii

When people ask me about “who stays and who leaves” on the island, I usually let folks know that once you make it past your first year, you are closer to staying, but it takes a good three years to know for sure. To discuss being half way in between, I asked our friends, Marla and Scott Wynn, to join me for a discussion about living on the island successfully. The Wynn’s moved to Kailua Kona two years ago and share insights they have gained and we chat about some of the positives about the island, including the energy/mana and their thoughts on why they would move back to the mainland and what makes them stay.

You can learn more about their thoughts on living on the island on their blog, “Calling Hawaii Home” 

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