Pololu Valley

Pololu Valley: A Family Hike Adventure on Father’s Day

Hiking on Father’s Day -where better to go than to the stunning Pololu Valley on Hawaii Island? We have taken our son with us on hikes to the valley for years, but this one was super special, since he is now away at college for much of the year. One of the big changes we have seen recently is that to spend time in the valley, you need to park above the small parking area reserved now for folks who wish to just park quickly to see the beautiful view and leave after 15 minutes.
There is new signage to share information about the history of the valley and the importance of staying near the shore, as the sacred sites have been roped off for preservation of cultural heritage.
This video shows a beautiful afternoon just enjoying the trail through the trees and the waves on the shoreline. The black sand is seasonal and on this trip, it was mostly still in the ocean.
We also show folks hiking ocean trash out of the valley..please do this if you can if you visit!


Start of the hike with majestic views of the Cliffs of Pololu Valley 🌄
Scenic viewpoints and trail details 🥾
Embracing nature and conservation efforts 🌿
Experiencing the spiritual and tranquil atmosphere of the valley 🙏
Tips for a safe and enjoyable hike 💧🥪
The challenging yet rewarding trail back up ⛰️

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