Kilauea Eruption from Sunset to Sunrise – September 2021

by Julie Ziemelis | September 30, 2021 | YouTube

We were alerted that there was lava fountaining in the Halema‘uma‘u Crater at the summit of Kilauea volcano at 3:30 pm and by 5:30 pm, we had our bags packed, our hotel booked and we were on our way to catch the action at Hawaii Volcanoes National Park!
After checking in at the Kilauea Lodge in Volcano, we headed to the National park and skipped the heavily visited Jagger Museum look out. Instead, we walked .8 miles each way along the Chain of Craters Road to catch the lava glow from the backside of the Halemaumau crater. Always remembering reverence and respect, we walked quietly down the road toward the brightening glow. We passed an older woman, walking alone with hiking sticks who had already viewed the scene. She said “You can hear her”.
There’s something energetically spiritual here this close to creation, as we gazed out over the billowing caldera.
We walked back to our car and then drove to the Jagger Museum over look and stayed there until 10:30 pm with dozens of other local residents and lucky visitors just soaking in the beauty of the glowing caldera.
We got back to the room at 11 and got up and out by 5:15 am!
The glow was enhanced by the coming dawn and then by 6:00 am, it was light and the glow diminished.
We thought we were done, but then we walked to the steam vents caught more of the view of the eruption and then went for coffee at Volcano House.
Then the rainbow spanning the sky appeared! It was if a celebration of color was welcoming Pele home.
It was amazing!

If you go-bring rain gear, jackets, flashlights and Aloha. The experience is best viewed in reverence.
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