From the Sea To the Table, Hawaii Island. ( Part 1)

Join us as we take you on a tour adventure of the Abalone Farm, Kampachi Fish Farm, and a Shrimp Farm, while also learning about the science, innovation and sustainability goals of all of them at the Hawaii Ocean Science Technology Park also known as NELHA or OTEC. Our guest is Chef Junior Ulep, Meridia Restaurant at the Westin Hapuna Resort, who kindly introduced us to the providers of the seafood the restaurant serves.

In Part 2, of this series, Chef Junior shows us how he cooks and prepares the treasures from the sea that we tour in this video.

For Tours:
The Big Island Abalone Farm:

Blue Ocean Mariculture:

NEW: The Kona BBQ area:
KONA Barbeque serves all cut food ingredients (abalone, lobster, shrimp, oyster, beef, chicken, lamb and more and vegetables), drinks including alcohol beverages (wine, sake, beers), grill equipment, seasoning, utensils and more for guests enjoying self cooking barbecue experience in dedicated barbecue space in the shade. Host will take care of cleaning of BBQ grill and tableware so guests can just bring themselves, enjoy grilling, conversation and go!"

Interested in buying the seafood for your own table? You can purchase the Kampachi, lobster, crab and oysters at a consumer direct warehouse located at the end of the road near the energy conversion part of the park.

NELHA, the orginization that overseas the Technology park, helps foster community based tourism in Hawaii through a variety of immersion experiences through Keahole Center for Sustainability, a specialty school that focuses on all these fantastic innovation in technology and science and even job training.

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0:00 intro
2:57 The Big Island Abalone Farm
10:25 Blue Ocean Mariculture
22:55 Moana Marine Biotech

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