Finding Community on the Big Island

by Julie Ziemelis | October 5, 2022 | Hawaii Island

When you live on Big Island, one of the aspects of living Pono, is to give back to the island. We created this video to give you insights, ideas and resources to get connected and give back to the island community through volunteerism. We show you just in one weekend some of the community events that you can participate in including the Cool Fusion fundraiser at Donkey Mill Art Center, Ironman, and events like the 25th anniversary of the creation of Higashihara Park. We also take you with us on one of our Kona Newbie meet ups! If you have places you volunteer and want us to highlight that organization, drop a comment below!

00:00 intro
00:58 Donkey mill interview
2:13 Subscribe
3:00 interview Rebecca Villegas
4:45 Ironman info
5:12 Higashihara Park 25 year anniversary
6:05 Mitch Tam Lyons Club interview
7:42 Cool fusion
8:04 365 at the visitor Center Mauna Kea

If you would like resources and information about making Hawaii home, join our 365Ohana at and set up a Zoom call with us!

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