Big Island Lava Update and More, Summer

by Julie Ziemelis | August 29, 2022 | YouTube

A heaving lava lake, a bubbling Volcano hot tub, a hike at the top of the largest volcano by volume in the’s all here!

We started with checking into the Kilauea Lodge in Volcano, and visited the trail on Mauna Loa Volcano and take you to the bubbling lava lake in Volcanoes National Park! We had an EPIC experience with the Milky Way while Pele was stirring her stick in the caldera at Halamaumau.

If you enjoy an adventure, do the things! Stay over night and see the glow/lava, explore the area around Volcano and enjoy the primordial rain forest and the stark landscape.

Thanks to @Ethan Tweedie for his magnificent photo that captures what I was describing on the same day he took the photo at the caldera!

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