AI Workshops In Kailua Kona May 29 and May 30

When you live on an island and one of your good friends is a technology speaker/trainer/coach and wants to come to the island, you share him with others!

Scott Schang and I have been friends since 2009, having met at a freeform social media/real estate tech conference. He and I trained business owners on social media and Scott helped us with the 365Hawaii concept that has launched us to YouTube fame and fortune! The guy is SMART and is a futuristic thinker. When Scott said he was going to dive deep in AI over a year ago, I said “have fun and tell me what you find out”. During that time, he became a master student of the philosophy of AI, how to create GPT’s, asking the right questions, how big business like Facebook is using it to create AI images and more.

People asked me why Scott? Who is this guy and what are his credentials? See below!! Know that he is in demand, he commands $500 an hour and $1500 for a session, so if you are reading this, tickets may already be gone to get this intimate opportunity to learn, ask and build.

Two Sessions – May 29 and 30th

May 29th from 9-1 pm at Pottery Terrace for those who want to DIVE DEEP and build GPT’s for your own business so you leave with productivity tools in hand! There will also be free giveaways of content creators, brainstorming assistants, SWOT analysis, and one that makes custom GPT’s for you! $150. Click here to sign up and pay.

May 30th from 10 am-12 pm at location in Kailua Kona which will be announced soon for GRAB THE RING and understand how AI can be utilized if you are a solopreneur, just getting your business started and want to be part of an open discussion with others. Scott will do a “magic show” to broaden your horizon, see how many ways AI is being used and will roll into an open discussion where you can ask anything about AI and also get tips and info on using it for what your needs are! $75

(Buy one, get one if you bring a friend for this workshop for first ten people!)

Click here to sign up and pay.

In both sessions, Scott will demonstrate how AI is being used on popular platforms so you can see what is happening and discuss where it’s going.

For the DEEP DIVE, he will be offering content creators, brainstorming assistants, SWOT analysis, and the tool that makes custom GPT’s.

Bring your laptops!

Scott Schang – AI Consultant

Obesessor of AI Philosophy, Technology, and Tools

Making Complicated Topics Easy to Understand

The awareness of AI has increased since the introduction of ChatGPT in November 2022, which made it broadly available for free to the public. AI can no longer be ignored.

I approach this new technology as a lifelong entrepreneur, student of human psychology and behavior, and expert at consumer-direct, permission-based marketing.  

I bring a practical, easy-to-understand voice to a crowded conversation often dominated by marketers selling lists of prompts and computer science engineers with changes relating to non-technical users.

I read over a dozen AI news sources daily and have spent hundreds of hours teaching and talking about AI for business, art, education, and humanity.

Background / Previous Work

  • 25 years as a mortgage loan originator, branch manager, and broker/owner.
  • Built Consumer Direct WordPress website in 2007 – Last year avg. 25k +/- organic monthly visitors
  • Speaker/Educator for Mortgage and Realtor conferences, teaching consumer direct, inbound lead strategies, technology adaption, and adoption, focusing on AI over most of 2023.
  • In 2023, I recorded 81 Podcast episodes, each a testament to my commitment to staying updated and sharing knowledge. Many of these episodes discussed AI-assisted lead generation and business-building strategies, which are highly relevant topics in our industry.
  • Podcast episodes
  • AI Webinars for Realtors – How to Use AI to Get More Real Estate Leads
  • AI Webinars for Mortgage – 4 Webinars over 4 Weeks – 3 Times over 3 Months
    • Unlocking the Power of AI to Create Cash-out Refinance Leads – Student Loan Strategy – 60 Minutes / Includes AI Prompts / Workbook
    • Unlocking the Power of AI to Create High Trust Referrals / Advocacy Marketing Strategy – 60 Minutes / Includes AI Prompts / Workbook
    • Unlocking the Power of AI to Create Refinance & Homebuyer Leads – ADU Strategy – 60 Minutes / Includes AI Prompts / Workbook
    • Unlocking the Power of AI to Create to Build a First-Time Homebuyer Database – New Construction Strategy – 60 Minutes / Includes AI Prompts / Workbook

Current Work – Perry Marshall

  • Perry Marshall is the Official Roundtable AI Consultant. I attend three live meetings a year, teaching AI insights and applications for one to two hours per meeting.
  • Perry Marshall – Power Prism Paid Webinar – I taught one hour out of four, focusing on using AI to conduct market research and identify your unique or distinctive value proposition. 
  • Perry Marshall – AI Simplified Paid Webinar I taught four 90-minute classes for over 150 paid attendees.  
  • I have conducted over 100 30-minute Zoom consultations with Entrepreneurs from all over the world to help them understand how to use AI in their business.

Services Offered

Offering sessions of Four Hours / 3 Weeks AI Done-With-You Consultation

Offering Custom GPT Build – Done-for-You –

Speaking / Teaching / Projects – Contact Me 

Contact Information :Scott Schang- SchangCo, Inc.

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