5 Tips about Buying A Condo on Hawaii Island

by Julie Ziemelis | July 28, 2021 | Hawaii Island, YouTube

More and more people are considering purchasing a condo on Hawaii Island (and specifically West Hawaii) after being priced out of a single family home. It is VERY important to know all the different aspects of condo ownership before you start looking. Below we give you valuable insights gleaned from what we are getting asked by people considering a move here and personal experience around climate change and its affects on HOA fees and more.

Here is what we discussed in July 2021 and an easy time stamp to find what you are looking for!

1:07 Fee Simple Vs Leasehold and PitFalls of Leasehold
8:26 What do your HOA fees cover, maintenance issues and things to ASK BEFORE BUYING
14:05 Things to consider due to climate change – A/C costs, location of homes, etc.
19:20 Buying a Condo with Pets – Regulations and consideration for pet owners
22:45 Romanticized views of buying an ocean front condo.

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