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You’re ready to make the next move towards making Hawaii home! Let’s get going! 


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Hawaii! (Timezone is 3-6 hours behind mainland U.S.)


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Frequent Questions


Is your match making referral service free?

Yes! Our real estate services that we offer to people looking to buy or sell real estate in areas outside our expertise on Big Island or anywhere in the US! We have a variety of trusted referral partners on the island, in the islands and on the mainland. 


Will you be available to us after you refer me?

We can answer questions and provide connections along the way! If you are moving to Hawaii Island, we can allow you into the Kona, Hilo or Kohala Newbies groups where you can also be part of a forum of folks who are moving here or just moved here. .


What if I don’t connect with the Realtor?

If you are not happy with the connection we have made for you, PLEASE let us know! We can recommend another agent and we can also work within the brokerage community to find you an agent that is well respected by their peers. 


Can I invite you out after my home closes?

Of course! We have someone on Kauai who has offered to host us for the weekend and folks buying land that want to show us the final house when its finished construction in East Hawaii and new friends who help me volunteer to make Hawaii a better place to call home.  It’s all so good the connections we have made AND connecting THEM together, too!