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Area Median Home Price Elevation
$ ft.

Hawaii Island

  • Median 400,000
  • Nickname The Big Island
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Hawaii Island Is a place of extraordinary beauty, lush landscapes and contains a lifestyle that is as varied as her residents of different nationalities and cultures. The main theme is respect for the 'aina (land), ocean and each other. Aloha extends to everything.

East Hawaii

  • Median 365,000
  • Elevation 0-700
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Kohala Coast

  • Median 700,000
  • Elevation 500
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North Kohala

  • Median 850,000
  • Elevation 0-2,000
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West Hawaii

  • Median 700,000
  • Elevation 0-2000
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Hawaii Island

Hawaii Island is a land of adventure, wide open beaches, small communities, paniolos, surfers, artists and healers. To truly feel part of this island, you must sense the energy and feel her spirit.

Liliuokalani Park in Hilo

North Kohala view of Mauna Loa

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